5 Things You Should Do When In Bhopal

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Upper Lake

It’s only logical to do the basic homework (collecting information) before visiting a place you haven’t been before. Doing the same will let you make the most of your travel experience. People say we live in the age of information where what you seek is right at your finger tips. Well, with Internet, Google, and smart phones it surely seems true. But the problem is, some of the information is not exactly organized in the way best suited for your environment, or to put it in other words it’s scattered. The point here is simple, if you are going to visit Bhopal, and wanted to know what to do, you won’t be required to look anywhere else. OK, let’s now get down to business.

General Outline about the city

The first and foremost, Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. It is also been called as the city of lakes. Just in case if you are curious as to why, it’s because of the presence of many natural as well as manmade lakes. The city is also one of the greenest in the country and holds many institutions of importance to the government like, the master control facility of ISRO, and BHEL.
It’s been known that the city was founded by great king Bhoja, who belonged to Paramara Dynasty, (authority link 1) dating back to around AD 1000-1055. Geographically being located in the central part of India, Bhopal enjoys a humid subtropical climate. This means that summers are really hot; winters are chilly as well as dry; and monsoons get very humid. Summer starts at March, and ends at May. During this time of the year the temperature can easily rise up to 40 degree Celsius. Monsoon season starts at June and ends at September. The winter is between October and February.
Top 5 things to do when in Bhopal

Now that you have a general introduction about the city, let’s look at some of the attractions you should visit when you are actually there.

1. Van Vihar National Park

Van vihar National ParkPhoto by Sudheer Pandey, CC BY-SA 3.0

Located right at the center of the city, you have one of the best national parks in India, the Van Vihar National Park. The park authorities have done their best to keep the animals as close as possible to their natural habitat. Here they categorize animals in to two divisions, the captives and the herbivores. Captives consist of aggressive and flesh eating animals which are kept under enclosed surroundings while those falling under the category of herbivores are allowed to roam freely. The coolest thing about this park is that it is very visitor friendly, there is a road passing through the national park which is used for tour purposes with trenches, walls, and chain link fences for the security of both animals and visitors.

2. Bharat Bhavan

Bharat BhavanFrom Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Located just 8 kilometers away from Bhopal railway station is the museum and arts complex named Bharat Bhavan. It is one of the must visit attractions of Bhopal which has a marvelous exhibition of Indian paintings and sculptures. If that interests you, it doesn’t stop there; you also get to see a fine art workshop, an open-air amphitheatre which is absolutely amazing, and a studio theater as well. Last but not least, Bharat Bhavan maintains brilliant libraries for folk music, classical music and Indian poetry.

3. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Bhimbetka Rock SheltersPhoto by Nagarjun Kandukuru, CC BY 2.0

A visit to Bhimbeka rock shelters will take you back to the time of South Asian Stone Age with paintings around 30,000 years old. In 2003 this place received the status of world heritage site. The site is located at the southern edge of Vindhya Hills which is approximately 45 kilometers from Bhopal. This place is definitely an archeological treasure which no one should miss out.

4. Taj-ul-Masajid

Taj Ul Masajid GatePhoto by Nagarjun Kandukuru, CC BY 2.0

Taj-ul-Masajid is the largest mosque in India, and once you see it you will know why the name means “Crown Among Mosques”. Nawab Shah Jahan Begum (authority link 2) of Bhopal was the one who commissioned the construction of the work, but he couldn’t complete the work so was later taken over by Sultan Jahan Begum, her daughter. Unfortunately due to lack of funds, the construction came to a halt, and was only completed at the year of 1985. It has all the splendor and might of Mughal Architecture.

5. Upper Lake and Lower Lake

Upper LakePhoto by Nikhil Kawale, CC BY-SA 2.0

As I said before, Bhopal is also known as the city of lakes, and the two important lakes of the city are the upper lake and the lower lake. Both of these lakes are separated by a bridge called Pul Pukhta. They are the most important source of water for the city. The upper lake is also called as ‘Bada Talaab’, and was originally built during the 11 th century by Raja Bhoj. It is a perfect option to spend your evening because the lake surrounded by lush green garden and Kamla park. You also get to experience water sports including water skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and canoeing.

To wrap things up, Bhopal, I would say is a perfect destination. The city greets you with places of historical importance, places to relax, monuments of architectural magnificence, and many more. So, whether you are there on a pleasure trip, or a business visit, the city leaves you with a pleasant experience which makes you want to come back.