Brains And Beauty In Bhopal

February 25, 2015   /   byRavi Atwal  / Categories :  Beauty And Brains, Uncategorized

I’ve had my fair share of experience researching little interesting factoids about India’s culture, politics, religious practices, history and the general state of affairs, but even after putting in some heavy research time I can still find new and interesting information. Take for example, the state of Madhya Pradesh, one of the states in central India (humorously enough, the name literally translates to “Central Province” and also has earned the nickname “the heart of India.”) Now typically (especially in a heavily populated state such as Madhya Pradesh with its population well past the 70-million mark) I would ordinarily assume this state is comprised of mostly agricultural centers to support the enormous population for the country as a whole but in the case of Madhya Pradesh, the case isn’t quite so clear cut and simple.

Bhopal - the city of lakes

This photo is quite possibly one of the most scenic pictures I’ve seen of any part of India. I know that’s a pretty bold statement indeed but as you can see in this photo of Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, and the town has certainly earned its nickname as “the city of lakes.” © Sankara Subramanian.

Bhopal has many natural and man-made lakes that are a sure fire way to bring in tourism and not to mention the fact that the city of Bhopal is one of the greenest cities in all of India. Literally and figuratively, as there is clearly a fair amount of exotic and beautiful foliage growing, the city is still producing fewer pollutants than most of India. Granted, the industrious cities will never be able to do what Bhopal does but they can at least take a lesson or two from the way Bhopal runs itself.

burial place of kings orchha

This photo is pretty remarkable to me. It’s a picture of The Burial Place of Kings (dating back as far as the sixteen hundreds) located in Orchha, within Madhya Pradesh. The most striking thing about it is how the architecture is so well preserved and yet it still has such an appeal about it that makes it seem ancient or other worldly even. But maybe I’m just seeing more romance to something because I’m looking for it? © Dennis Jarvis.

The education in the areas of technology found in Bhopal is certainly a surprising facet of the community, considering the natural beauty already present. At Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, there are dozens of departments to major in as well as many clubs for the students (including a Go Green Forum which boosts awareness about improving the campus environment), but that’s no real surprise coming from the nation that is known for producing some of the best doctors on the planet!

clinic in bhopal

Surprisingly enough, this photo of a Sambhanvna Trust Clinic, despite the pleasant and home-like appeal that might be found in a more rustic location, is actually available in Bhopal, which is certainly more industrious than you’d expect, but you already know that by now! © Jbhangoo.