Information Technology – Marvel or Madness?

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Information technology was introduced to me in the 9th standard by a really cruel woman for a computer teacher. In layman terms, information technology refers to the use and application of computer technologies for receiving, sending and manipulating data and information. Communication is the major reason for the mental superiority of human beings over the other animals and led to the rise of human civilizations. The storage of information and data has been an important part of the human civilization and development of several technologies since the ancient times. The invention of writing in Sumer in Mesopotamia led to the possibility of storing information and important communications and further led to the development of linguistics. The Antikythera mechanism was found in a shipwreck in Greece, and is considered to be the earliest specimens of a mechanical analog computer. The origin of the mechanism is dated to be around 150 to 100 BC and shockingly precedes the first recorded use of such technology in 14th century AD.


With the rise of the industrial revolution in Britain, other European kingdoms started developing industries of their own in order to keep up with the economic growth in Britain. With the development of the war industry in Europe, conflicts became more strategic and the need for information technology was created. Several computing machines to decrypt enemy codes and interrupted messages were developed during the Second World War, the use of differential engines with electronic circuits and punched tapes that stored encoded data with a series of holes on a long strip of paper.


Today, information technology has almost invaded our lives and it appears we have become slaves to this dreaded monster that we have created. The fruits of information technology however, are some of the most amazing human inventions ever. The best example of the amazing products of information technology was the popularity of computer and console games in the late 20th century, which later spawned a billion dollar gaming industry. I still remember spending my summer break with my dear Nintendo console in my room, enjoying the marvels of technology. The education in the areas of technology found in Bhopal is certainly a surprising facet of the community, considering the natural beauty already present.